Fun in the sun – when it is here!

We have enjoyed some better weather recently that has allowed Primary 5 to get outdoors more.  They have been completing a circuit in PE based on a Woodland Workout.


Maths in Motion!

Primary 5 have been learning about the properties of different triangles.  They worked in teams to make a triangle using their bodies and the other children had to guess what kind of triangle it was by identifying the different properties.  The childrden were very ambitious and worked really well with eachother to create some interesting triangles!

All about shapes!

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Primary 5 have been learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We used dry spaghetti and marshmallows to create the skeleton of different 3D shapes.  All of the children had lots of fun and were desperate to eat some marshmallows at the end of the lesson.


Primary 5 have begun level 1 and 2 of the bikeability training with Mrs Keiro-Kirk and Mrs Munro.  All of the children are trying their best to remember how to keep safe on their bikes.

An afternoon in the Fraction Factory

Straight back into the hard work with P6 today after the long weekend.

A fun re-introduction to fractions through active learning to inspire ourselves for a challenging new maths focus!

Crafty Co-ordinates with P6!

Primary 6 have spent the first fortnight back to school looking at co-ordinates as part of our maths and new topic work.

This morning we took on the challenge of creating alien masks by drawing our own grids, plotting points according to their co-ordinates and then using our art skills to design them!

What a great looking bunch!

P5 Tic Tac Toe Times Tables

We have been trying different activities in PE this term thinking about the principles from Better Movers, Better Thinkers.  We  decided to link this to mathematics to help us be active and thinking while moving.

We played a team game like noughts and crosses in the playground but added a station of times tables quiz to increase thinking as we were moving.  This was loads of fun and is definitely encouraging everyone to practise the times tables!!


Primary 5 have been learning about France this term and are becoming super at speaking some french vocabulary.

Primary 5 Readathon

Primary 5 would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in Readathon and brought in sponsor money to support the charity.

We really enjoyed reading our chosen books through the week and are lucky to have such a lovely librabry to do this in.

Food Group Matching

Primary 5 have been learning about the different food groups this term.  They can now identify these and discuss the benefits that each brings to their bodies.  They have also planned meals to include foods from each of the groups representing the healthy food plate.  Hopefully this knowledge will help us make some healthier food choices!